Parenting 101 The Single Parents Musical Guide To Live Your Dreams is the book for all single parents who want to live their Dreams and not wait 20 years whilst raising their children.

One of the most challenging things as a single parent is where to begin when the reality hits that you are parenting on your own. Instead of struggling from day-to-day, feeling down, scared, worried and not knowing how you are going to manage to care and provide for you and your children.

Get Yourself A Copy Of The Books For Under $16 Each.

Everything you need to know as a single parent is all there for you. The real stuff that gets you through the tough times. Most people don't even know what they are here to do in life. By chapter 3 you would have written down your Dreams List.

You will begin applying the Single Parents Success Model into your life. 

Be successful in achieving your GOALS by knowing where you want to be in 5 years and working backwards to knowing what you need to do everyday to achieve your new life. The life you want for you and your children. 

- Have the right PEOPLE in your life.

- Know your TOOLS to help you achieve your Dreams

- Develop an unstoppable ATTITUDE of confidence and assertiveness to get you there.

- Be successful in achieving all your Dreams and LOVE your life.

These are the secrets of all successful people now available in the books for all single parents.

Just like you, all single parents and their children are here on this earth to raise their conscious awareness and contribute to society. To do this effectively, you have to be successful. You are here to Live Your Dreams.

Parenting 101 is the rare book you need to experience....

Why just READ, when you can LOOK, LISTEN and WRITE.

The book incorporates music that sets a tone for you the reader to be able to have the open heart required to let go of the past, live in the present and create a life you want for you and your children.

You’ll learn 101 ways how to …

*  Be your Authentic Self and discover your why.

*  Be confident in your parenting style with your children.

*  Know your purpose for living and write your own Dreams List.

*  Apply an easy 3-minute daily technique where you make better decisions for you and your children.

*  Easily embrace the changes you want and see life’s challenges as a breeze.

*  Improve your life and be a powerful individual who learns lessons rather than mistakes.

What do you get …

*  READ: The Single Parents Musical Guide To Live Your Dreams

*  LOOK: Journal Your Journey 1 (See below)

*  LISTEN: The Book Playlist – FREE on this website

*  WRITE: Journal Your Journey 1 (Sold separately)

The must have beautifully compiled companion book with 30 photographs/images and 33 journal activities to help you make your Dreams your reality.

*  Claim your Free Bonuses on the website

*  An open supportive and inspiring community on social media who understands your needs. 


The books content, selected songs and your very own journal can be used for many years as you journey in life on your path to success.

Journal Your Journey 1
Parenting 101
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  • 28 Apr


     Photo courtesy of Harriet Tuara - shinephotographyrarotonga.com

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, single mother’s can find it a little challenging to know what to do to make their Mother’s Day memorable and happy.

    It is important for you as a single mother to include yourself in the Mother’s Day celebration with all mothers. It is the special day all mother’s are honoured and are made to feel special. All mothers deserve to be pampered, appreciated and spoiled and that includes you.

    Single Mother’s whose children are too young to do something special. Celebrate with your children and begin new memories. Memories that will last a lifetime for you and your children.

    Here are 7 Tips to Celebrate Mother’s Day

    1.    Prepare Your Special Sunday breakfast. This should include all your favourite foods. Even though your children may not like your food, make it for yourself anyway. Let your children know what your favourite foods are and that you will appreciate them remembering on Mother’s Day this is what you would like your Mother’s Day breakfast to look like.

    2.    Tell Your Birth Story to your children. Mother’s don’t often tell their children their birth story. Mother’s day is all about your children celebrating and honouring all the things you have done for them. Their birth is the one and only thing no one else can ever replicate for them. One’s birth story helps mother’s remember their own brave story and reminds children of their beginnings and how far they have come over the years.

    3.    Receive Flowers From Your Children. Later in the day go for a walk with your children and pick some flowers that you and your children give to each other. This will set the precedence for them to give you flowers when they are old enough. Share with your children the joy in giving and the beauty in nature.

    4.    Take A Photo to remember the things you have done on every Mother’s Day. A physical record of the past Mother’s Days shared with you and your children to share in the future and reminisce of happy Mother's Days.

    5.    Mother’s Love A Treat. Most mother’s are given chocolates on Mother’s Day. You should buy yourself a sweet treat and enjoy it with your young children or make and decorate a cake. There are some treats that you can just enjoy all to yourself. Champagne with breakfast. Buy yourself a gift. Treat yourself to getting your nails and hair done. Buy yourself a new outfit. It is ok to feel special and share your joy with your children. Let them know the treat you have done for yourself, is what you would like on Mother’s Day.

    6.    Sing and Play Your Favourite Music for your children to always remember you by. It is so much easier to sing and play songs to your children when they are younger. Obviously they may not appreciate it as much when they get older. However your favourite songs and music on Mother’s Day will always be memories of their Mother’s Days to come.

    7.    Write And Make A Card To You until your children are old enough to make you a Mother’s Day card. Write on your Mother’s Day card what you would like your children to say to you. Always remember to sign off with the words… ”I Love You.”

    Single Mother’s who celebrate Mother’s Day leave lasting happy memories for themselves and their children. 

    In celebrating Mother's Day you are showing your children to treat you with respect and that you are worthy of their honour.

    To All the Single Mother’s in the world… “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”

    Daphne Marsters

    The Single Parenting Expert and Author @ www.parenting101thebook.com


  • 12 Apr



    Are you a single parent when your partner is not involved in changing the kids nappies or works away from home?

    The other day someone got upset with me because my answer was “NO”. They said that they were married and did most of the raising of their children on their own and they felt like they were single parents.

    They must feel the same way as all those who write blogs saying the words “Married single mother” who’s partner works away. Some away for weeks or months, they get letters, skype calls and make phone calls to their partners. Their partners get to make some parenting decisions and support them in their children’s physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development. How is this considered to be single parenting?

    It got me thinking, has the definition of single parents changed?  

    Someone please challenge every definition I have found which all has the same gist. A single parent is one person, who makes all parenting decisions and supports their children’s physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development solely alone, on their own, without a partner, no partner who lives with them and no partner is returning to live with them.

    Ok maybe some parents don’t get what that means. Single Parenting is not a word. It is a life that single parents live and experience, it's not a feeling. Those who have done their stint as a single parent over 1 year alone with their children, will be able to relate and validate the next 6 points.

    This is what real single parents and their children go through.

    1.     When you say “I am a Single Parent”. You begin to live with a societal stereotype. You know the labels that you’re a bad mom. A bad parent. There’s something wrong with you. It gets worse when you first are subjected to peoples verbal and behavioral criticisms just from saying the words “I am a single parent”.

    2.     Your children soon learn not to say their parent is a single parent. They get teased and are branded as being disobedient, they’ll turn out to be losers actually they began as losers. They’ll fail at school, they’ll fail at life. Anything bad about kids, yep that’s single parents kids. Branded for life until someone comes into their parent’s life and becomes their partner.

    3.     There is no one there, no one is coming back home to help single parents at all with their children. 

    4.     The stand-in help: You maybe thinking, oh but there are single parents who have help, like those who live with their mum or family or friends. Trust me I’m sure they are grateful they have the help. But that usually comes with the helper thinking they are the boss over the single parent and their children. Many single parents who have these living arrangements do their best not to disagree with those they live with to maintain their independence as adults and their parenting often gets stomped on. 

          Not that the stand-in helper would ever like to admit their bossiness. Neither would the single parent say much as where are they going to go. So yes, single parents tend to shut themselves and their kids in the room as much as possible so as not to disturb anyone. 

    5.     The kids go with you everywhere. There is no leaving the children at home to duck down to the shop. Not until they’re older of course and don’t go telling anyone you’ve left the kids at home, you’ll be judged as being negligent or abusive until they are 18. There is no sleep in. All single parents know, our kids don’t know what sleep in is.

    6.     Finances, oh please let’s not go there. There is not enough pages to this blog. It’s simple… no one else brings home the bacon or bread. You are it, always and for a long time. 

    Single Parents are the kindest parents in the world, I should know I met countless amounts of them. When you and your children need help and you have no one, they would make a way to share what they have with you and your children. Remember they don’t have to ask a partner to be kind to you. Even if you were a stranger. All they see is you are like them, a person with kids and in need.

    This is what a single parent goes through and even after years of no longer being a single parent they would often say, “...I was a single parent too...” not  “…I felt like I was a single parent.”


  • 04 Apr

    SINGLE PARENTS SUCCESS MODEL © : 5 Ways To Be A Successful Single Parent.

    Become an effective and efficient single parent by following this model.


    Is single parenthood supposed to be hard, with nothing but struggles and just guessing your way through life with your children on your own? No it’s not.

    You have so much to give as a single parent and you may not even be aware of it.

    So you look for that article, that advice, that something to help you as a single parent because you know it’s out there. Just to be bombarded with another parenting advice through a blog, an article, a newsfeed, reminding you that it’s hard to be on your own because you are a single parent.

    The headlines are filled with them, you name it, any single parenting issue including housing difficulties, struggles with money, hardship with finding work, raising children on your own.

    Then you see that article that has the words “How to be a successful single parent”. Just to find more advice on, proper budgeting, asking friends and family for more help, discipline and boundaries, maintaining a daily routine, staying positive and of course finding some time for yourself.

    Then you wonder if you apply all you read, will that make you a successful single parent?

    Today I think I have read my last single parenting article, blog, Google news and I’ve finally come to a point where I can no longer contain this secret. 

    For over 17 years I travelled on this path as a single parent doing exactly what I’m about to show you, not even realising that it was the Single Parents Success Model, until I was challenged to share all I know about single parenting.

    It’s an absolute pleasure for me to share this Single Parent Success Model with you, a month after publishing the Parenting 101 book for you. Now that you know you are a single parent and you know you deserve to be successful at parenting alone. This will be easy for you to grasp.

    Pick any successful person in life a singer/songwriter, musician, movie star, athlete, world leader, or scientist. Those who are known as the number one of all time in what they have done for the world to recognise them as successful. Each and every one of them had left a clue for us as single parents to be successful too. The same success pattern has been applied here in the very first Single Parents Success Model.




    1.    GOALS -> Live Your Dreams

    Every successful person had goals in their life. They had a clear end result and along the way had to work through the steps into getting there. There was no luck, no guessing, they took action towards achieving their Dreams.


    Successful single parents like you have goals too and you strive to be successful at single parenting. Your goals are to achieve and improve on the things that make you happy whilst showing your children a happier way of living, no matter what life challenges you experience. Some of these goals may include buying a house, education for yourself and your children, travelling, creating a business and many more. Whilst taking actions towards achieving your goals you learn so many useful skills like discipline, patience, kindness, effective communication, being efficient with your time and prioritizing. All these skills and many more are your answers to how to be a good single parent.


    Your Dreams add value to your life and your children’s. There is no point in doing something if it is not going to be beneficial for you and your children. In this way you are being efficient in your time and the resources you have available to you. Right there is your answer for, ‘resolving problems faced by single parents.’


    2.    PEOPLE -> Supportive Single Parents

    Successful people surrounded themselves and learned from others that were supportive of them, who believed in their goals, who were like-minded and who had already done, what they want to do.


    So who are the supportive single parents in your life?


    Those who are able to validate for you what are normal single parenting experiences. Those who are positive and say to you “Yes you can”, in all you want to do to make your families journey a happier one.


    Successful single parents learn from successful single parents, they appreciate each other, they are effective in their parenting of their children and they will share valuable tips to help you along the way.


    Looking for support for single parents’, let’s just say other single parents want your journey to be smoother than what they went through. Who knows you may just have a friend for life, like many I have met and kept along the way.

    3.    TOOLS -> Use the Internet

    Successful people learned what they needed to from somewhere or someone. Through books, classes, practicing, courses, they had their tools of their trade to be the best.


    All successful single parents in the 21st century are efficient with their time and use the Internet. Gathering information to achieve your goals is at the tips of your fingers through your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. Type in any question to get the information you need to achieve your goals faster and be on your way to success. Here is your million questions answered when you are looking for that article on, ‘what help can a single parent get.’


    4.    ATTITUDE -> Be Confident & Assertive

    Successful people have their own attitude and mindset that they require to be successful in what they want to achieve including developing an unstoppable confidence and assertiveness. They speak words of “yes I can” as they know exactly what they want and they let others know what they are doing.

    For instance: An athlete competing in a 100-meter sprint, only aims to be the best. They are confident and run with unshakable ground of assertiveness.


    The same goes for you being a successful single parent. You know there is no other parent here for your children, you are the only one running in your lane.

    Your children are relying on you to be confident and assertive in your parenting, to show them by your example how to run their race to success too. There is your tip for, ‘positive single parenting skills.’


    5.    LOVE -> Greater Than Oneself

    All the greats in the world on their journey to success, had life changing moments. Times where they knew that on their own, what they achieved would have been impossible. They are thankful for all their experiences, the challenges all contributed to their greatness. For many their successes came more than once in their pursuit for their Dreams, their purpose, what they are really here for. Successful people share that there was a Greater than themselves, that helped them to success.


    When you have been a single parent for 17 years or more and have achieved all the Dreams you have set out for yourself. Then you look back and there are many moments you think there is no way I could have achieved all my Dreams on my own. You soon come to realize that there is Greater than yourself that helped you along the way. That money that came at just the right moment wasn’t luck. Going from homeless to having everything you needed in 7 days wasn’t a wish. That extra patience with the children when you are tired after working long hours, was a breeze. Those three years of hardship and you made it through smiling and having moments of fun. A love that is greater than yourself and is always available to comfort and provide for you and your children if you allow.


    There is the missing clue that is no longer a secret, from Greater than myself. The answer that so many have searched for, ‘the guide for single parent homes’, is now available for you here in the Single Parents Success Model.

    To help you get on track and be successful as a single parent and achieve all the Dreams you know you deserve. Grab yourself a copy of Parenting 101 The Single Parents Musical Guide to Live Your Dreams and its companion Journal Your Journey 1. These books will be the best investment to success you will ever have.


    Live Your Dreams